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Pictures from 2005 to 2010
July 2010

Almost all the foals are born

June 2010
Kurt and Willi on their "soup ride"
June 2010
... named "Soup ride" because they prepare a soup over an open fire and eat it out of empty beer cans - what a great meal! ;-)
June 2010
Cattle drive in Oshoto
June 2010
Oshoto: work done!
June 2010


Juni 2010

Luca has a mission - one calf got away without a brand.

June 2010

But our cowboys and his faithful mount "Martin" take care of it!

May 2010
Picnic in Oshoto
May 2010 
Pablo, Amigos Peach and Cisco wait patiently in the shade
May 2010
... while the Cowboys take a nap.
May 2010

herd sire Frosty (gray stud to the left) and some of his mares 

May 2010
Marking and vaccinating a calf.
May 2010
Peach with her three day old colt. We had 14 foals this year.
May 2010
Wyoming big skys! 
May 2010 - Rancher Ferdi with Bullet. 
April 2010 - Luca and Silvio proudly show off their new trailer
7. April 2010
Luca and  Martin found a new born calf
7. April 2010
Rope out and caught!
7. April 2010
New born calfes get earmarks and a vaccination.
7. April 2010
7. April 2010
Mac and Brownie wait until the work with a calf is done. Hopefully - the way back to the ranch on foot is long!
9. April 2010
this too - Cowboys pushing a shopping cart :-)
8. March 2010 - Panorama from Holmes Place Pasture
8. March 2010 some of the horses
8. March 2010
Mac having breakfast ;-)
February 2010 - without words!
January 2010: After a VERY White Christmas (4 feet of snow in two days) the ranch is buried under snow. Cowboy Tye is pushing snow around to feed the cows and horses - they are doing great with plenty of hay. There is nothing to do at the ranch but feed the animals everyday - a chore that takes a few hours each day. When calving season starts in March/April the cowboys and ranchers will be out and about for 14 to 16 hours each day.

- Picture series of Mac and his thoughts of sheep:  Mac encounters Sheep

January 2010 - View on the ranch coming down the last hill - the lake is buried under snow and ice.
January 2010 - Also the lodge is snowed in.
January 2010 - Most horses are in a big pasture away from the ranch where Tye brings them hay with the tractor. These are the riding horses for the winter and some two-year olds which get some extra feed each day.
December 2009 - I had to go up to the ranch to pick up a horse. Since the road was too bad I parked my trailer on the bottom of the hill and rode up to the ranch. Some friends joined me on this beautiful sunny day.
December 2009 - My neighbor Nick with ranchhand Tanja in front of the butte.
December 2009 - I wanted to borrow a weanling colt from the Lake Ranch to keep company for a weanling colt I have at home. But the weanlings weren't around close enough so I opted for a scrawny little 2year old Cremello gelding instead. He'll do ... :)
November 2009 - Curious broodmares and some pretty paint horses.  November 2009 - Finally: a real tourist pictures of me (right) with Devils Tower in the background.
November 2009 - horse drive
November 2009 - The riding horses for the winter on a pasture close to the ranch November 2009 - The bigger part of the horse herd are in a bigger pasture farer away on vacation - lucky them!
November 2009 - preg-check-day: moving cows down the aile  November 2009 - preg-check-day: move cows to the corrals, Luca with Seabiscuit.
November 2009 - preg-check-day: it's getting late ... November 2009 - preg-check-day: and later ...
November 2009 - preg-check-day: nice sunset November 2009 - preg-check-day: hide and seek in the dark
November 2009 - Mac drives horses November 2009 - Muledeer buck
November 2009 - lonesome cowboy - Luca checks cows November 2009
October 2009 - Finally: our second branding season at a neighbors ranch starts October 2009  - guest Jabel wrestles them all - no calf is too big for her!
October 2009 - Luca and a neighbor cowboy rope the calves October 2009 - big skys!
October 2009 - one more October 2009 - Luca with his gray Martin
October 2009 - Too big of a load for the ranch pickup or too much ice? October 2009 - riding in the snow :)
August 2009 - our 2year old fillies and a three year old orphan gelding. August 2009 - the 2year old studs
September 2009 - Freedom Hygro just before he visits the vet and loses his manhood - sorry. September 2009 - Also Plenty Sanana Pep will not be used as a breeding stud but become a ranch gelding.
September 2009 - broodmare band for sale September 2009 - he is for sale too
September 2009 - Cowboy Tye coming down the hill October 2009 - horse drive (Foto courtesy from Eva, Yvonne & Katrin)
September 2009 - Cattle Drive September 2009 - another Cattle Drive
June 2009 - Picnic in Oshoto: the cowboys arrive. June 2009 - ...hungry and even more thirsty!
June 2009 - Sly and Dice having a break June 2009 - Luca has something to laugh about - maybe about his horse Seabiscuit that makes a pretty bad picture here?
June 2009 - Hulett Rodeo: also a pick-up-horse has to do some business June 2009 - Hulett Rodeo: ride'm, Cowboy!
June 2009 - Hulett Rodeo: Bucking horses in their pen before he action. June 2009 - Hulett Rodeo: ... and after the action.
June 2009 - Tye on the Palomino with no name June 2009 - getting ready to rope some calves
June 2009 - lots of active help June 2009 - ... and lots of spectators
June 2009 - Tye on his Palomino with the butte in the background. A picture someone can not get enough of (talking about the butte) June 2009 - Sly rather watches
June 09 - Dice on the porch - not his fault, a guest lured him up the stairs with some treats.  June 2009 - Luca doesn't think that this is funny and sends Dice off the porch.
May 2009 -  Horses in the South Field
May 2009 - Horses in the South Field May 2009 - A neighbor's cowboy and our cowboy Tye are having fun
May 2009 - Picnic in Oshoto where the ranch runs 90 heifers which need to be checked once in a while. It's a long ride over there but there is always some good food waiting underneath the trees. May 2009 - The view from the picnic spot - windbrake, windmill, prairie and, of course, cattle.
March 2009 - Tye and Spike get ready to go check the cows. May 2009 - still checking ... ;-) Time flies by when you're having fun!
March 2009 - A little bit snow is no reason to close school. March 2009 - Dice, Mac and Quick on vacation - the lucky ones!
Februar 10, 2009 - This is "Gus", Cowboy Tye's new Border Collie - Blue Heeler-Mix, appr. 10 weeks old. February 10, 2009 - "Hi Pardner - seen some dead deer?" 
Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles are a common sight, especially in the real cold witner month of January and February.

February 10, 2009 - A view over the lake - hidden underneath snow and ice. 

February 6, 2009 -  A visit at the Lake Ranch with winter panorama - this makes you look forward to the beginning of the season! 

February 6, 2009 - Dirty but healthy - the yearlings of the Lake Ranch. February 6, 2009 - Tyes horses and a some older or younger horses get some extra care.

February 3, 2009 - Impressions of the Ranch Rodeo in Rapid City at the Black Hills Stock Show - here: Trailer Relay
Wild Horse Ride 

January 26, 2009 - Not a rainbow but a snowbow. Even the deer are impressed :)

December 1, 2008 - Last ride for this year. The horses are barely used in the winter. the cows spend their time in a pasture where they are fed with hay while the horses are free to roam the ranch. Chilly with thick clothing it is hard to imagine that there were days with 90 degree and a swim in the lake ...

December 1, 2008 - a guest and Tye sort cows ad mark down the ear tag numbers. Some cows lost their eartags and Tye re-tags them.

November 25, 2008 - Some of Frosty's mares on pasture.

November 25, 2008 - checking the mares. This wide open space .... Bianca and her friend on their way to check the cows.

November 3, 2008 - Luca riding his young Buckskin (who will become a grey) checking cows. November 3, 2008 - Luca and a guest check if the cows have enough minerals left in their lick barrels.

Big Skys - the Lake Ranch in late fall. October 08 - some of Frosty's mares on their winter pasture.

October 13, 2008 - pregnancy check for the cows at the Lake Ranch after the first snow this season. Luca and Tye try to sort a "fence jumper" of the other cows. We had quite a few cows with a bad attitude this day.

September 22, 2008 - Branding at a neighbor who calves his cows in August and September.      Tye with his grey horse roping.

and again - since it looks so cool ;-)    well deserved break

Lunch is served picknick style with fried chicken, sandwiches, zucchini bread, fresh fruits and pound cake - tastes double as good after the hard work.    Another bnch of calves is waiting to be branded - better use this
   break to rest up!

August 9, 2008 - just enjoying the landscape. Pictures can not catch this wide open country!

August 7, 2008 - the town of Hulett invites to their second annual event "Ride a Horse feed a Cowboy". Every rider who enters town on horseback is treatet to a free dinner. Hamburger, Chips and Baked Beans, of course :-)

Juni 27, 2008 - Branding in the Roping Arena at the ranch. Max roping calves in the round pen
May 2008 - Even though we are used to some strange weather in Wyoming - this late snow was also for us surprising. However, we used the couple of days with snowmobiling and rides in the snow.
30. April 30, 2008 Branding at the Lake Ranch. We have several brandings in Mai/June and again September/October.
Here Max on his bay horse "Chili" roping a calf.
29. April 29, 2008 - This year I brought two horses to the Lake Ranch. here are Dice (the first black and white paint) and Foxy (the sorrel paint) followed bei Lake Ranch horse "Black'n'White"

  April 2008
Middle of April - the season has just startet. The horses are all over the ranch and Here is Luca sorting some of them off. It will take a few days until we have the breeding stock and work horses sorted!

  February 2008

Riding through the snow. Rick on Foxy and Joelle on Dice on their way to vistit Cowboy Max at the Ranch.

  February 2008
We are greated from Kathie. Max' dog, who is happy for our company.


  February 2008
.... and find a few horses in the corral. Max doesn't seem to be home today.


  February 2008

  Therefore we left him a buddy for company :-)

  October 2007
Late brandings are going on since one of our neighbors is a fall calver. We brand calves in Mai/June and again in September/October.


  September 22, 2007
No comment. 


August 09, 2007 
Shippingday at the Lake Ranch. 430 yearling heifers spend the summer at the ranch before they are shipped to feedlots in Colorado.

  April 25, 2007
Sometimes the guests have weird tasks to fullfill. ;-))

  April 20, 2007
Max working a horse in the roundpen. 

  April 18, 2007
The Little Missouri Butte. In a few weeks this view will be completed with dozens of baby calves.

  April 18, 2007
Lake Ranch calf #3. The heifers are almost done with calving, six weeks earlier than the older cows. They just started to drop their babies and will be calving until end of May.

  April 5, 2007
Well - they are sure cute, these baby calves. But if there are a hundered or twohundred of them and you need to go check them in knee deep snow and mud it takes quite some away from their cuteness ... ;-)
But we can not complain - most part of the calving season was very mild weather, sun and temperatures up to 70 degrees - this is great spring weather for Wyoming!


April 2007: Looks like we have some Spring coming.
The cows are calving, and the first guests will show up April 19. This will end the long and lonesome winter for Max, who took care of the ranch, cows, and horses since the rancher left last November. Some people are smart enough to escape the hard Wyoming winters ... ;-))

  March 30, 2007
We had some pretty deep snow - too deep for me to visit the Lake Ranch since the roads get pretty bad, so I took a picture of my horses - should look pretty much the same than on the Ranch. Only difference is 5 horses on my place and more than a 100 at the Lake Ranch ... ;-)

  June 8, 2006
The new mare band - another 30 mares add on to the already existing horse herd on the ranch. I'm not sure what the actual count is - more than a 100, that's a given. And at least 30 oft them will have foals next spring - something to look forward to!

  June 6, 2006
Cutting Clinic at the Lake Ranch. A trainer from Nebraska came with three great cutting horses and tried to teach us bloody cowboys something.

   May 21, 2006
My Paint "Dice" makes friend with an abandoned calf. The calf was so lonesome, he was very willing to accept my horse as his new mom. Unfortunately Dice lacks on a good source of milk so we came back later with a pickup to bring the calf to the ranch and bottle feed it. 

  May 18, 2006
Wide open country. Cowboys on their way through the so called "Winter Pasture", a place not too far away from the ranch buildings where the cows usually get their calves.

  May 7, 2006
Coming home to the Ranch - the buildings are nestled in a little valley beside one of the very few natural lakes in the Black Hills.

  April 13, 2006
I think I took a hundred pictures from this place with this beautiful view over a valley to Devils Tower. You have to see this yourself, though - this wide open country can not be captured by a camera. 
My horse Foxy doesn't seem to be as impressed as I was, though ;-)

  April 13, 2006
The horses run wild in huge pastures until the season begins end of April.

  October 19, 2005
The evening before shipping day - rounding up the calves for the sale. 
Larry, a friend from Rapid City, on the great paint gelding "Midnight Bullet", and Rancher Luca on his mare "Gracie".

  September 5th, 2005
The brood mares of the Lake Ranch coming down to the lake for a drink and bath.

  June 8th, 2005
Branding day on the Lake Ranch. The crew, guests and cowboys, are getting their horses ready for the round up of the cattle.

  June 17th
Branding on the Lake Ranch. Rancher Luca with his gelding "Amigo" roping a calf.

  May 22nd, 2005
Landcape - you can not get enough of it! The mountain is the highest one of the four "Little Missouri Buttes".

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